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Android Development Team

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We’re a young two member team that creates CyanogenMod themes, icon packs and wallpapers for people to customize their unlocked Android Phones.

We also try to expand our knowledge to other subjects such as building apps and web design. We are still learning and that is why we always try to modestly answer any email (nucleoid.dev@gmail.com) and we try to help everybody as we learn too.

We stand out over our competitors because we dedicate most of our time testing and fixing every single line of code, every colour and every composition.

Our Work

Where we started

CyanogenMod 11 Themes


Lollipop CM11 5.0 Theme

Lollipop CM11 Dark Theme

Where we are now

CyanogenMod 12 Themes

Pop Family

CM12 Violet Pop Theme

CM12 Red Pop Theme

CM12 Orange Pop Theme

CM12 Green Pop Theme

CM12 Blue Pop Theme

Kojak Family
pro kojak

CM12 Violet Kojak Theme

CM12 Red kojak Theme

CM12 Orange kojak Theme

CM12 Green kojak Theme

CM12 Blue kojak Theme

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the faces behind Nucleoid

meet The Team

José Ángel Gálvez

José Ángel Gálvez

Team Leader / Developer

I am an Industrial engineering student, been passionate on mobile tech and software since I was a kid, developed for android for some years while being an active user on XDA. House music fan and beer addict.

Feel free to contact me:

Antonio Sánchez

Lead Designer / Branding

I am an architecture student, but I’ve been moving myself towards design and new technologies. I love learning about marketing, web design, in fact, every kind of design.

I also have a personal brand that I use as a photographer and as a full time designer:
Here you can find my photo collection, my design portfolio and the rest of the social networks where I’ve got a profile.

Feel free to contact me:

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New Web Page

New Web Page

We’re glad to announce Nucleoid’s new web page. This is the starting point on a new project, that will include some posts in the blog, some new customizing apps and more!